A Former Goldman Sachs Exec Just Bought Jeffrey Epstein's Cursed Mansion

by Stephanie Maida · March 17, 2021

    After a lot less time on the market than one would expect considering who its previous owner was, Jeffrey Epstein's notorious Manhattan mansion has officially been sold.

    The mystery buyer of the 40-room, 28,000-square-foot townhouse located at 9 East 71st Street on the Upper East Side has been revealed as former Goldman Sachs executive Michael Daffey. We suppose the plus side to snagging an address forever tied to an evil pedophile is saving on the cost. The home originally went on sale this past July for $88 million but Daffey closed for just $51 million.

    Perhaps its famously creepy interiors, which included rows of individually framed eyeballs, a life-size female doll hanging from a chandelier, a human chessboard, a taxidermied poodle, and, of course, that infamous painting of Bill Clinton in a dress, depreciated the value. Not to mention the "extraordinary volume” of “nude and semi-nude” photos of underage girls the feds found, or, you know, the atrocious crimes that more than likely occurred inside. 

    Around $10 million of the proceeds from the sale was routed to a compensation fund for Epstein's victims. 

    As for Daffey's reasoning behind the headline-making home buy? "He is a big believer in New York's future and will take the other side of all the people who say the city's best days may be in the past," according to his spokesperson.

    Well, he has no trouble leaving his new home's history in the past, that's for sure.

    [Photo via Modlin Group]