Do you ever step back and think about how basically all of New York used to be farmlands and marshes with people trapping beavers? Few slices of the city's history dating back that far remain, which makes the Wyckoff-Bennett Homestead a most magical site.

Built around 1766, the Dutch Colonial farmhouse has had only three families call it home. The four bedroom, four bathroom home is tucked away on a half acre plot of land at 1669 East 22nd Street in the Madison area of Brooklyn, where it sits as a living landmark to the history of New York, from the floorboards to the windows to the furniture.

After a deal fell through with the New York City Parks Department to purchase the property and have it preserved it as a museum, the current owners have now listed the unique house for $3.25 million. Truly, a once in a lifetime chance to hold a piece of the past / live like you're on a middle school field trip.

Not so sure living in a house this old is for you, just watch this video and I swear you'll be inspired to become its next caretaker.

Click through for a tour of all the rooms! 

[Photos via Century 21 Homefront Realty]