Started from the bottom now he's here. You've seen the gilded penthouse monstrosity that is Donald Trump's current New York residence, but can you believe he grew up in a relatively humble home in Queens? True, it's no tenement, but the Trump family's OG one-family at 85-15 Wareham Place in the Jamaica Estates neighborhood is a relatively modest comparison. The cozy 5-bedroom features a fireplace (around which the Trump family presumably sat, telling ghost stories about their son's future presidential campaign), a "formal" dining room (which we can only guess required proper comb-overs at every meal), and a summer kitchen - whatever that means. It's currently up for grabs with a listing price of $1,399,000 - down about $150K since last week. Guess "birthplace of apocalyptic harbinger" isn't a great marketing ploy. In any case, click through to see where baby Donald once roamed.

[Photo via @realdonaldtrump, courtesy StreetEasy]