It turns out you don't have to run away to England to try to wed Prince Harry if you want to fulfill your dreams of living like a princess. In fact, New England will do just fine.

America's got its own fairy tale castle in the form of Gannfield Lane Estate, a charmingly secluded home off the coast of Maine. And while it may look like an oversized cottage from the outside, the place - currently on sale for a mere $2.9 million - boasts some epic interiors.

Located on almost 10 private acres, the oceanfront property consists of two homes, including a 1940s cabin and a stunning main house that seems medieval, but was actually constructed in the year 2000. With four bedrooms, soaring ceilings, and a massive wine cellar, the place is made for a royal getaway.

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[Photos courtesy Sotheby's International Realty]