We know basically nothing about Derek Jeter. Other than the whole Yankee/dating models thing. But even that admitted, we still wouldn't have pegged him for the type to own a castle... let alone one in upstate New York. Built in 1903, the impressive Tiedemann Castle sits a stone throne in Greenwood Lake, boasting six bedrooms, a dozen bathrooms, and four kitchens (not including the outdoor one). Oh, and it also has a 6-foot stone wall, a turret, a guest house, a pool house, a boat house, and its own Statue of Liberty replica.

But it appears the time has come to part with, let's be real, this totally bizarre real estate gem. That is if he can find someone with deep enough pockets to take it off his hands, with Jeter having listed the property for $14.5 million

Click through for a look into the truly unique retreat.

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