Gloria Vanderbilt once mused, "decorating is autobiography." As the late socialite and artist's Beekman Place apartment can attest, Gloria's life was a brilliantly colorful, anything-but-boring, ever-changing affair.

It's been two years since the style icon passed away, and the three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom Midtown East unit she called home since 1997 has just now hit the market for an absolute steal at $1.125 million

Gloria's unique flair for design has been left perfectly preserved throughout the whole of the second floor pad - from her punch-packing pink foyer and pattern-filled living room to her glamorous, mirrored dining room and whimsical, chic bedroom. 

No idea where that dated, sterile feeling kitchen came from though... Perhaps she detested cooking so much that she just forgot entirely that the kitchen was there?

Curious to have a look around the decadent, divinely decorated space?

[Photos via Brown Harris Stevens