Rachel Lambert Mellon (a.k.a. "Bunny") was a certified fashion icon, philanthropist, and friend of the Kennedys. The Listerine heiress (yes, that Listerine) married into the Mellon family, one of the world's richest dynasties. Until her death in 2014 (at the age of 103!) the socialite lived a lavish life of leisure, although her passion for horticulture led her to design many gardens for members of her elite circle - including Jackie Kennedy's White House Rose Garden. Though her estate is well into selling off her art, fineries, and multiple properties, one Manhattan gem remains up for grabs.

The 28th floor condo at Central Park South's iconic Essex House is currently for sale at a mere $8.9 million. Boasting three bedrooms, three baths, and unbeatable views, the apartment is a combination of two units Bunny bought in 2000, primarily for business meetings and social gatherings when she came into the city. Casual, right?

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[Photos via Spire Group]