Oh, Leonarrrrrdo. Earth protector, modelizer, guru of all things green. Would you expect anything less from him than a New York City condo complete with Siberian oak floors "constructed to gently support your posture," air-duct aromatherapy, vitamin C-infused showers, and a circadian lighting system based on optimizing your sleep cycle? Even the kitchen's built-in herbarium and juicing station hardly surprise us. What does though, is the price the Oscar-winner just sold it for. After buying the 3-bedroom unit at 66 East 11th Street in 2014 for $10 million, DiCaprio has reportedly gotten $8 mil to move on, taking a pretty big loss for such an eco-friendly oasis. But don't feel too bad, he's still got four apartments in swanky Battery Park City - and a Victoria's Secret model girlfriend he can cry to about that lost $2,000,000.

[Photos via StreetEasy]