When it comes to real estate in Manhattan, it is indeed a tale of two cities. For the upper echelon, there are doormen and concierge services, rooftop pools and in-building gyms. For a majority, however, there are overpriced shoe boxes shared with three roommates, broken elevators, walk-ups, and probably roaches. Ah, city living, amiright?

But there does exist an entirely different demographic, floating far above even the highest of high-rise penthouse renters. We're talking, of course, about The Townhousers. Like some quaint country estates dropped in the middle of grime, townhouses offer the best of both worlds: inside, a suburban-ish home with multiple floors and antique rugs; outside, the hustle and bustle of yellow cabs and sirens.

It certainly seems like you couldn't put a price on such an experience, but when you do, it's no surprise how high it is. Click through for a look inside some of the most expensive Manhattan townhouses on the market right now. Spoiler alert: they're all on the Upper East Side.

[Photo via Sotheby's]