Of the many shocking revelations brought to light by the New York Times regarding Donald Trump's taxes (the fact that he doesn't pay them not being one of them), one in particular piqued our real estate-curious interest: the matter of his sprawling estate in Westchester.

According to the Times, Trump has written off his little-known Seven Springs property as a business investment rather than a personal residence, despite it being used for years solely as a family retreat. The result of his little loophole? "He has been able to write off $2.2 million in property taxes since 2014 — even as his 2017 tax law has limited individuals to writing off only $10,000 in property taxes a year." Casual.

Click through for everything you need to know about this shady shell estate Eric Trump has dubbed "their [family] compound." Sure, it's no Hyannis Port, but it's pretty close.

[Photos via Trump.com]