While there is definitely a romance to the idea of living in a fourth floor walkup studio in the West Village, rarely is it ever actually realized.

This little gem at 118 Perry Street however, delivers. A stone's throw from the famous neighborhood landmark that is the exterior of Carrie Bradshaw's apartment, the bright, cozy flat features a fireplace flanked by custom built-in shelves, exposed brick, an efficiently designed and updated kitchenette, and a relaxing bathroom complete with a soaking tub sat beneath a beautiful big window.

Where in most respectable, practical, non-delusional cities, the idea of spending $499,000 on a 320-square-foot studio apartment would be outrageously absurd, this is New York. And a cute place like this (no matter how petite) sitting right in the middle of the West Village is a steal!

Click through for a quick tour of the small pad!

[Photos by City Realty]