Oh, the Olsens. When they're not hosting cigarette-filled weddings, breaking the internet, or staring deeply into the depths of your soul, they're buying very lucrative real estate. Guess they really didn't need that Full House reboot money after all.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Ashley Olsen is in contract to purchase a 3000-square-foot condo at 37 East 12th Street, in a "very private" building of only six units (as in, every resident has their own floor to themselves). With two bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a massive dressing room, a gallery, and a wood-burning fireplace, $7.3 million almost sounds like a steal. Just a block from literary destination The Strand, and right in the middle of the NYU "campus," this place could only be more perfect if there were a Starbucks in the lobby. But alas, poor girl will have to schlep the 3 blocks for her daily fix. Still, considering that she's the "fun, single" sister, won't she be a little lonely in such a big apartment? Well, we're sure rumored boyfriend director Bennett Miller will be around - and if not, there's always the pre-built bar in there. So yeah, she'll be fine.

[Photos via Street Easy, cover photo via Getty]