Stylish Hotel Rises From Salvation Army: A New Kind Of Hand-Me-Downs

by Ross Kenneth Urken · January 14, 2011

    If you needed a posh hotel room instead of skinny jeans and an ironical T-shirt, you may be in luck: the East Village Salvation Army on Bowery at East 4th Street will go from derelict to hip-direct in a hot minute. Here's how.

    As the Post first noted and the Observer reports,  French hospitality group Louzon Group purchased the space for $7.6 million and will become a 65-room boutique hotel with an in-house bistro to boot.

    As the Observer spins it, "Today's news signals a passing of another sort, not of the Bowery's punk prestige but of an even older legacy dating back at least a century, that of the city's skid row."

    With hip galleries, hot clubs like Capitale, and snazzy mainstays like the Bowery Hotel, this neighborhood  can mark this addition as a de facto sleak streak trend.

    But, soft, which bodega will become a spa next? And, really, where will you buy your raggedy sweaters?