So, you want to live like a billionaire. Locking down some real estate in Manhattan is a decent first step, but you know what they say: location, location, location. And, when it comes to location, none is more exclusive than 15 Central Park West. As in, your neighbors could be Sting, A-Rod, and Denzel Washington. Casual. 

Consider the building's Unit 8B, a park-facing condo that offers stunning views, 5 bedrooms, and (duh) a private wine cellar. Recently redesigned by interior decorator Cheryl Eisen (whose Interior Marketing Group has worked with the likes of Ivanka Trump and Daniel Craig), the 3,478 square foot residence is a sight to be seen. At $33 million, it better be. 

"Designing for celebrity clients and in high-profile buildings is our specialty and there’s a certain level of quality and taste that we’ve mastered. As with the several other units we designed in 15 Central Park West, we wanted to highlight the space rather than have the design steal the show," says Cheryl.

"In this unit, we used some of our go-to design staples. For example, light and low furnishings make the space feel larger, lighter and give the eye a direct line of sight to the unobstructed view of Central Park. We tend to stick to neutral colors, but we added some pops of color for the summer season."

Factor in the building's 75-foot swimming pool, insane rooftop, and private restaurant (with butler service), and no one can deny its unprecedented luxury. Perhaps that price tag isn't so insane. Click through for an inside look, and try not to drool.

[Photos by Donna Dotan Photography courtesy of Compass]