Now that the dust seems to have finally settled on Mary-Kate Olsen's dramatic divorce, her ex-husband, Olivier Sarkozy, is wasting no time offloading one of the major assets at the center of their breakup battle. 

We are, of course, talking about the historic Turtle Bay townhouse that the couple had been renovating since 2014. Though the pair wed a year later, the 8,700-square-foot home was technically purchased (for $13.5 million, we might add) by Sarkozy alone, and Olsen was never listed as an owner. 

Still, with its grand ballroom, opulent 22-foot coffered ceilings, seven fireplaces, and gorgeous gardens, the five-story pre-war gem is a stunning loss. Since she did, after all, apply her energy and eye for style towards the (now abandoned) redesign project, who can blame her for wanting to get a piece of it?

But alas, the Frenchman has just placed the property on the market for $11.5 million, $2 million less than he had originally paid. Guess he wants to put the past behind him as quickly as possible.

We, however, have no trouble dwelling in the halls of the past. Click through for a look inside!

[Photos via CityRealty]