One of the best parts of living in New York City, for A-listers at least, is the fact that everyone is too cool to care about celebrities. Oh, are they filming a blockbuster on our street corner? Who cares, just get out of our way.

However, if you're ever in the mood to do some freelance celeb-stalking, the place to be is 443 Greenwich, the luxury building in Tribeca that just about every huge name we know has moved into. Jake Gyllenhaal is the latest star to purchase a condo inside this re-imagined landmark, reportedly paying $8.63 million for a three-bedroom on the fifth floor. Joining the likes of Harry Styles, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lawrence, and Blake Lively, Jake is about to experience some pretty cushy amenities; private valet parking, a lush courtyard, and a 75-foot lap pool among them. And that's not even including the modern sprawl of the apartments themselves. No wonder these bigwigs can't stop spending big bucks to buy here.

[Photos via 443 Greenwich]