If Belle from Beauty and the Beast was a chic, 30-something urbanite living in New York City today, chances are she'd swoop this place up in a heartbeat. While there are no magical dancing candelabras (from what we could tell, at least), this stunning Noho loft features an epic wall of books, complete with a library ladder to slide around dramatically on. Plus there's something vaguely French about the whole thing.

On the market for just $2.7 million, this triplex at 710 Broadway offers around 3000 square feet of airy, light-filled grandeur. The apartment also offers double-height, barrel vaulted ceilings, a fireplace, and a solarium, though the library situation certainly steals the show. And while you'll have to find your own rare books to fill the shelves with, the asking price includes four gilded antique mirrors fit for a Disney Princess. Click through for an inside look!

[Photos via Stribling]