If you've ever wandered around the Southern edge of 7th Avenue, peaking out just from over on Bedford Street you've likely remarked on the very non-New York looking, actual house pushed back from the sidewalk, hinting at some actual sort of driveway slash dare we even say it, front yard situation hiding behind a wooden gate.

Such a beyond quaint picture only serious money could buy. Or, as is now the case, rent. Currently on the market for $25,000 a month, this four floor, five bedroom, two and a half bathroom landmarked Federal Townhouse is more than worth the price. Just look at the backyard, visible from the glass-enclosed tea porch (ugh), which features a barbecue, hot tub, bike storage - all the comforts of a suburban home, right smack dab in the West Village. Click through for an inside look at the 187 year old gem!

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