International Waffle Day

It comes as no surprise that waffles are so internationally loved that they merit two separate holidays each year. Today is International Waffle Day, giving us another chance to celebrate one of our favorite carb-ridden dishes. Bitches Who Brunch, the website New Yorkers and Washingtonians turn to when they want to know where to brunch, what to wear, and where to party, has compiled an expert list of the best waffles in New York City so that you can get your fix with plenty of maple syrup.

As one of Washington’s leading authorities on dining, fashion, and socializing, Bitches Who Brunch has recently expanded to cover New York City full-time, with the introduction to two Bitches in the City. Ally and Emily of Bitches Who Brunch New York give us their expert advice on where to celebrate Waffle Day this year.