Where To Get A Solid Weekday Breakfast In NYC

You’ve heard it before and we’ll tell you again – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Despite this, a good weekday breakfast can be hard to come by. Brunch is easy. Brunch you know how to do. But what about Monday through Thursday (because even Friday is worthy of a brunch) when you’re rushed, you’re still on your “weekday diet”, but you’re SOO EFFING HUNGRY. You only have time to grab and go, you don’t want a bagel, you don’t want a croissant, you don’t want a deli style bacon-egg-and-cheese, but you still want to be full. What do you do?

Queue the essay about the introduction of Australian style breakfast/lunch cafes to NYC.

It’s true and undeniable that these cafes are changing the breakfast scene in NYC, and honestly we couldn’t be happier about it. We’re not sure why there were so few places to grab a quick, healthy and delicious early morning meal before the Aussies took over, but we’re just glad they did. Clearly they do breakfast right down in Australia so we can only thank them for showing us their ways.

So yes, expect to find a lot of Australian-owned cafes and also some non-Australian run cafes on this list. And don’t fight it, don’t be too cool to follow the trend, be happy about it because it means more chances you’ll find one near you. Because while we don’t always know why things become trendy, these places are popular because they’re really freaking good.

Words by Dana deLaski at Taste The Style