A Cultured Buzz

by CLAIRE WILLETT · February 25, 2008

    cultured buzzWhile undergrad nights are traditionally sozzeled in cut-rate suds, we are always down for a beverage-book update. Saturday night, in the mood for something different, we had our first Michelada at Mercadito. To our delight, we found the blend of beer, Worchester sauce, lime, and tabasco, hamburger-undertones aside, to be eminently stomachable. While, to our money, nothing beats Behelmen's classic bloody mary, there's something to be said (especially when one is rather less flush), for being an international lush. Below, our list of how, and where to do so:

    Lemon Soju-Sangre at Do Hwa - korean sweet potato(!) vodka, fresh lemonade, splash of blood orange juice

    Honeyed Wine at Awash Ethiopian Restaurant

    Silver Monk at Death & Co -Herradura Silver, yellow chartreuse, cucumber, lime juice, mint, salt

    African Elephant at Elephant -vodka, pineapple, orange juice, wasabi

    Glazen Toren Canister at Spuyten Duyvil

    Caipirinha at The Good Fork -cachaça, simple syrup, lime

    Juniperotivo at Taj -Junipero gin, pomegrant molasses, mint, and lime

    Piso Sour at Lima's Taste -Piso brandy, egg whites, lime

    Poire Julep at Provence -rye whiskey, pear eau de vie, lemon juice, mint

    Sparkling Lychee at En Shochu Bar -Sparkling Pinot Noir rosé with lychee puree

    Happy quaffing quest, chickadees!