Anthony Martignetti…Likes His Meat Rare.

by guestofaguest · December 7, 2007

    Anthony Martignetti, part owner of Bar Martignetti's, "just can't get away" from the place's burgers. "I make it with Gruyère and sautéed onions, and I always get it rare. People that order their burger medium or medium-well just kind of get on my nerves." Anthony is this week's feature in the "The NY Diet" and it looks like he had quite the busy week. It started off with a meeting at Pastis to discuss the potential locations for his new restuarant he wants to open (apparently close to Pastis, a place by Keith McNally whom Anthony thinks has "nonstop great service"). He also already has another place in the works in an unidentified location.

    Anthony likes cooking, the Patriots, and Cafe Gitane. He is also found of his girlfriend, who he mentions more than once in the interview, and of drinking...Crozes Hermitage, Gewürztraminer, Cynar cocktails, Fernet-Branca, Malbec, and Pimm's. He sent bottles of rosé over to Danny Meyer's assistant and was the host to Patrick and John McEnroe for their Davis Cup Celebration. Kelly Bensimon is a regular every night of the week, and "the little socialite girls-Olivia Palermo, Amanda Hearst, and Alexandra Richards" are also regulars. Oh and "John Mayer lives across the street, so he's in for lunch a lot" (wonder if he will start bringing his new girl Cameron Diaz around with him). After all the name dropping, Anthony is quick to point out that "It's not really a celebrity type of spot."

    He admits to frequent bouts of fighting with his brother, and business partner Tom. "It ends one way or other — fighting and maybe not even speaking for a day, but we’re best friends and we run our business together, so even if we’re fighting, we both know we’re on the same team." We know one thing, we wouldn't want to be on these boys bad side...have you seen the size of them?

    [Anthony Martignetti Wants You To Pay $1500 Dollars To Enter His New Club Southside]