Embracing your Inner Serena van der Woodsen

by guestofaguest · December 5, 2007

    I have thought about it, and think that I do in fact get benefits from watching Gossip Girl. It keeps me up on my pop culture, provides an entertaining hour, and most importantly, gives me a SCHEDULED ROUTINE in the middle of my week that I have seldom found with anything else. I mean I have trouble planning my weekends until Friday at 4:30 when I'll decide I should take a trip and get out of the city. Knowing that I will be at home watching GG with takeout tonight at 9:00 sharp just feels good...comforting. Anyway, I'm not the only one reaping benefits from the show. The Palace Hotel must just LOVE all the press they have been getting, especially for their restaurant inside, Gilt.

    [Photo from NY Times]

    Does anyone else remember the first episode where Chuck served Serena an over-the-top grilled fontina cheese sandwich with truffle oil in the back kitchen of his father's restaurant at the Palace? This was right before he tried to pounce on her...anyway. Apparently, enough people have wanted to try that very same sandwich that the REAL restaurant Gilt has permanently added it to its menu. Already home to the largest white truffle to hit the city this year (1.51 pounds, $8,000), they now have another star item to boast about that will only set you back $50. Zagat has also informed us that Gilt chef Christoper Lee was the one serving the sandwich to Serena in the pilot. They encourage us all to try the sandwich on our quest of "embracing our inner Serena". Sounds delish.