PSA: Barney's Is Gone But Freds Is Still Open For Chic Eats

by Stephanie Maida · February 25, 2020

    If you’re still mourning the loss of designer haven Barney’s, which officially shut its doors this weekend after a tragic liquidation sale (moment of silence for all the scattered shoes, please), we do have some good news. Freds, the department store’s glam ninth-floor eatery, a favorite of power-lunchers and fashionistas, is remaining open! Well, so long as it can hold on to its high-end clientele.

    The Madison Avenue mainstay has always only been accessible by the elevator in Barney's lobby, which, as we all know, has turned into a bargain basement circus over the past few months, making it a très not chic scene to brave, even for loyal regulars. 

    According to the New York Post, the once-bustling hot spot, despite keeping its iconic doors open, has been reduced to a lunchtime ghost town, with many pointing to the fact that people just don't know the place is still running. Understandable, but unacceptable. If you want to keep Freds from meeting the same fate as our beloved Barney's, suck it up, order a burger (and a martini while you're at it), and keep the memory alive until it's restored itself to its former glory. Hopefully, with the help of new management (Chicago-based Infuse Hospitality), it wont take too long.

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    End of an era. Au Revoir Barneys
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