Beloved Soho Bistro Raoul's To Close For The Winter

by Guest of A Guest · January 25, 2021

    And to imagine we were naive enough to think that 2021 was off to an okay start...

    It's no secret that outdoor dining is a rough game all around. Not only is it tough on guests - wrapped in blankets, clinging to heaters, praying the wind stops - it's also incredibly tough on restaurant staff. Imagine waiting tables outside for an entire evening shift without being able to feel your fingers! Or crafting the perfect culinary specimen of a plate just to have it freeze immediately once it hits the table!

    While many will surely trudge it out over these cold months to come, we're sure the most recent news that Raoul's will be temporarily closing for the season will just be the start of lots of other big-name spots announcing their plans to do the same.

    Looking to get one last Burger au Poivre in? You've until January 31st to grab a reservation (which, like, good luck)! Else in this dark period until they re-open on March 14th, you can always order all the fixings for their most iconic dishes to make at home via Goldbelly."... stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd">
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