Marching, and signing a petition, and donating to a GoFundMe, and posting a black square are just the beginning of reckoning the systemic prejudice that exists against the Black community. As Aurora James of fashion favorite Brother Vellies related recently, "We represent 15% of the population and we need to represent 15% of your shelf space." While she is now urging people to take the 15 Percent Pledge, why not extend that concept to the restaurant industry as well?

There are constantly updated Google docs which have been created to make the process of identifying Black owned restaurants to support all the easier. And there's even an app, Eat Okra, which helps diners find nearby Black owned establishments as well.

Click through for just ten of the establishments we'll be looking to support, and be sure to continue your research to discover specific spots in your neighborhood.

[Photo via @laslapnyc]