If ever someone asked you to imagine precisely what a modern day steakhouse on the Upper East Side should look like, the new BLT Prime would surely meet every aesthetic expectation you could have. A brick barrel vaulted ceiling and dark painted walls punctuated with backlit circular mirrors set the definitively suave vibe for the latest incarnation of everyone's favorite red meat house of worship.

Whether it's a casual round of drinks (their innovative bar program features all your favorite cocktail classics, plus their own list distinctly remarkable custom sips) or a celebratory meal, the restaurant's lunch, brunch and dinner service blends impeccable service with annoyingly delicious cuisine.  Where most fine dining restaurants seem to get off on their small, withholding portions, BLT Prime is nothing if not generous with the size of their gourmet dishes. After all, it's not as if they could follow up a complimentary plate of their rightfully famous, ridiculously big, must-try popovers with an overly precious menu of bites.

For all you red meat enthusiasts, prepare yourself for a real Sophie's Choice moment when faced with their option of five steak cuts. And for all you non-meat eaters, fear not! Surprisingly, as classic a steakhouse it may be, they've just as many delicious pescatarian and vegetarian options. There's the Baked Ora King Salmon, which melts in your mouth the same if not more than the most buttery tenderloin, Mushrooms and Herbs salads, Truffled Mashed Potatoes that will haunt your dreams, and much more.

Click through for a look inside the neighborhood spot and all the deliciousness that awaits!

[Photos courtesy BLT Prime]