Bushwick, an area once considered too deep into Brooklyn to be deemed fashionable, is now, of course, the go-to hood for the stylish set. Amid its warehouses and artsy watering holes, there's a swanky new spot (well, two spots, technically), set to draw in the cool kids.

Daniel Cipriani, who owns another Bushwick fave, Sea Wolf, has recently unveiled Gemelli, an all-day Mediterranean cafe, and The Ledge, a rooftop bar upstairs. The menus for each feature fresh Italian fare and shareable plates, along with cocktails you'll want to indulge in, but the bigger draw just might be the spaces themselves. Designed by Lorraine Kirke (mother of It Girls Jemima, Lola, and Domino), both establishments combine West Coast breeziness with coastal Italian luxury. The result? Hangouts practically made to be Instagrammed.

The bold blues of Gemelli are complemented by hanging plants and mirrored light fixtures, and, at its center, a horseshoe bar boasting a geometric wooden structure by studio First Third. In addition to the restaurant's al fresco seating area, there's a secret, emerald-colored bar room covered in palm-print worth seeking out. Upstairs, through a separate entrance, The Ledge blushes in pink, with a patio that transports you to 1970s California. And while the setting doesn't feel like Bushwick, the crowd will have no trouble reminding you that you are, indeed, still in Brooklyn. Clearly, that's no longer a bad thing.

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Gemelli & The Ledge, 48 Cypress Avenue/321 Starr Street, Brooklyn

[Photos by Alex Staniloff]