Can I Have Some Splenda For My Single Malt?

by guestofaguest · January 14, 2008

    michael_scott.jpgThat's what she said! No actually it was what Michael Scott said after he snarfed when drinking a glass of single malt scotch during the Cocktails episode of The Office. Michael, being the regional manager that he is, clearly had not been brought up on single malts, and a blended Dewar's was probably the closest he ever came to it. A purist he was not.

    So when we heard about the Soho Restaurant Shorty's.32 and their new single malt cocktail entitled Sweet Solera, we could only think of one thing, can we have some Splenda?

    The cocktail was the invention of Charlotte Voisey at William Grant & Sons, maker's of the renowned single malt Glenfiddich. It's a move that scotch snobs will decry, but one the company hopes may dispel common stereotypes surrounding scotch drinkers.

    "It’s also a means of cracking the perception that single-malt Scotches are designed for rich old men to sip, neat or on the rocks, after a round of golf or a corporate merger or both" [NYTimes]

    Nonetheless, we don't expect this to change anytime soon, just as we don't expect to see Michael Scott drinking Glenfiddich without some Splenda.