Cardi B & Rihanna Have The Same Favorite Restaurant In New York

by Stephanie Maida · April 9, 2018

    It must be a hip hop princess thing. 

    Between the launch of her new album, Saturday Night Live appearance, and official pregnancy announcement, Cardi B had plenty of reasons to celebrate this weekend. And where else would she eat for two than Philippe Chow, the celebrity-frequented Chinese eatery promising both privacy and extravagance to their high-end clientele?

    On Instagram, Cardi shared a snap of her Fortune Cookie Red Velvet Cake, thanking the hot spot for staying open late and declaring it her "favorite restaurant in the world." The sentiment isn't so surprising, as the Bronx native seems to be a certified regular, even appearing alongside the joint's namesake chef in a number of 'grams.

    But Cardi is hardly the only hitmaker who practically lives at the New York staple. Rihanna, too, is a known frequenter of Philippe, often stopping in for lunch or dinner when she's in town. The locale even played host to an epic birthday dinner the singer planned for a special man in her life (her grandpa) back in 2014.

    Here's hoping these two meet over a plate of Peking duck to start discussing a collab. Like, ASAP.

    [Photo via @peachonomics]