After three years in the making, Chef Andrew Carmellini's latest eatery has debuted at Pier 17, the revamped South Street Seaport that's quickly becoming a foodie destination thanks to its bucket list-worthy influx of upscale restaurants from headlining chefs. The opening of Carne Mare is sure to keep up that momentum. 

A playful take on the classic American chophouse imbued with Carmellini's signature Italian flair, Carne Mare ("meat" and "sea"), also nods to its location, bringing together prime cuts of beef, fine seafood, luxe Italian eats, and innovative techniques. Some menu standouts? A Gorgonzola-cured wagyu striploin, black sea bass wrapped in fig leaves, and - wait for it - mozzarella sticks topped with caviar. Um, yes please.

And if you needed any more confirmation that this spot isn't your typical steakhouse situation, consider the vegetarian-friendly 12 oz. smoke-roasted beet steak, a sizzling whole beet carved tableside, drizzled with a red wine beet reduction and slathered in goat butter. Meat-free perfection calling to carnivores and non-carnivores alike.

As for the chic scene? The sprawling bi-level spot is decked out in warm wooden tones and swanky brass accents, featuring plush banquettes and nautical touches that complement the beautiful waterfront views. And let's just say you'll have no complaints waiting for your table at the bar.

If you're looking for a buzzy new dinner destination that has something for everyone, Carne Mare definitely checks all the boxes. 

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[Photos by Nicole Franzen via Carne Mare]