Christine Cho Breaks News When She Actually EATS At The Hearst Cafeteria

by CHRISTINE CHO · September 26, 2008

    I am always looking for new places to lunch, it being my favorite meal of the day. Yesterday I had the pleasure of eating at the Hearst Corporation's cafeteria and the selections were actually impressive. No Lydia or Gillian sightings to report.  There was the obvious grill, wrap, and and salad station. Digital menu listing the days specials. Sushi chefs in their corner making maki's to order.

    But what caught my eye were the salads showcasing the mushroom festival going on right now. There were chanterelles, oysters, shitakes, and bluefoots. I tried them all and it was shocking at how balanced and creative these dishes were. I'm in a cafeteria mind you.

    The dining room was on the mezzanine level open air to the theatrical entrance below. The crowd was turned out of course. I enjoyed my turkey burger with one of the editors from Marie Claire and my company.

    It was a quiet and peaceful lunch, as there were only a few other women daring to try the gourmet food their companies were so generously presenting.  If only I could eat in this type of cafeteria everyday (sigh).