There's a Cecconi's in Berlin. There's a Cecconi's in Barcelona. There's a Cecconi's in Istanbul, West Hollywood, Miami Beach - for God's sake, there's two in London! So what the hell is Cecconi's and why has it taken so long to get one in New York? While the latter may be a bit of a mystery, we can at least speak to what it is that we've been missing out on. An international restaurant chain from the SoHo House crew brought to exclusive jet setters and common social plebeians alike all in search of a delicious modern Italian oasis. We're talking classics like hand-made pasta, fresh seafood, pizza - the good stuff.

Finally, it appears that Cecconi's has graced us with its presence. Perched ever so quaintly over on Water Street in Dumbo, the barely opened spot is already killing it with some of the most impressive waterfront Manhattan skyline views around. As they say, location, location, location. Which explains why SoHo House went ahead and snagged the whole building, expected to open their third NYC outpost, titled Dumbo House, on the top two floors of the building. As if you weren't down on yourself enough for not being a member of their other two clubs. All the same, at least you'll still be guaranteed a shot at landing a table downstairs at the decidedly non-members only spot.

Click through for an inside look at the spot that's got everyone running to Dumbo.

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