First It Was Prices, Now Calories On Menus Will Make You Want To Cry

by Stanely Stuyvesant · January 23, 2008

     fat kid

    It use to be that when you looked at a menu in the City, it was the prices that made you want to throw up (figuratively). You would look at the menu, and shake your head wondering if you earned enough last week for the bounty you were about to receive. Now you will have one more thing to make you want to ralph, or shall we say upchuck. Now, the law that our mayor has been trying to pass for months is finally settled on.  New guidelines will require food chains in New York with more than 15 stores nationwide to post calories on menus, educating you on all of the unnecessary calories you previously ingested mindlessly.

    This leads us back to a question a friend posed to me not so long ago. If a bartender(exercising their better judgement) has the right to cutoff a patron if they've had too much to drink , why then can't a food server cut off a patron if they are obese and look like they've had too much to eat?