"Friends Forever!" Or What Happens When Patrick McMullan Goes To Dinner At Civetta

by SARAH CROW · July 2, 2009

    Annie Flanders, Evan Rellie[Annie Flanders, Euan Rellie. Photos by Patrick McMullan for PMc] In the tradition of countless high school girls before him, Patrick McMullan has jumped on the ever-popular “let’s take a picture of our super-fun, yet ultimately uneventful dinner and put it online” bandwagon. So, for those lucky enough to have been dining with, or in the vicinity of, the famed shutterbug at Civetta on Monday night, here’s to you. You looked beautiful, eccentric, and generally pleased to be there. May your fabulous hair, your red Vespa, and your girl-on-girl kisses live on forever in the minds of your friends, like that yearbook photo of you at the junior prom that your parents still insist on showing to company.

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