By now, you're doubtlessly familiar with the concept of the Australian cafe. A New York obsession that has us seriously suspicious that there are billboards in Australia encouraging people to uproot and move to Manhattan, sell avocado toast, and get rich quick. While Tim Cottle, co-owner of the city's newest, and perhaps most charming of this restaurant genre, did not admit to the existence of such a marketing campaign, he's a wonderful success story of its potential message.

Tucked away on Orchard Street, Good Thanks Cafe is one of the Lower East Side's best kept secrets. Healthy, delicious, non-ridiculously expensive food served up in a cozy space filled with locals and a desperately cool, well-accented staff. 

From a casual breakfast to a weekend brunch that's turning into quite the in demand party,  their all-day menu is full of crowd pleasers. For Tim, his personal favorites would have to be the Green Fritters and, wouldn't you know it, the Avocado Toast. "Green Fritters are hard to come by in New York and whilst avocado toast is everywhere, I just think ours is a great example of simple food done really well, with a very generous amount of avocado."

Click through for a look at the dishes making this place a tasty destination, from bowls to toasts to sandwiches. 

[Photos courtesy Good Thanks Cafe]