Has There Secretly Been An In-N-Out In Manhattan For The Past Year?

by Chiara Atik · August 4, 2010

    This past April Fool's Day, when College Humor put "Coming Soon: In-N-Out" signs all over the city, they created a furor. (Yes. A furor.) Learning that this was just a prank was a bitter pill to swallow, but today, we are vindicated. Because you guys, there's secretly been an In-N-Out in Manhattan this whole time!-

    Take a look at the picture at left, which we took last night. That looks exactly, EXACTLY, like the inside of an In-N-Out burger, doesn't it?

    Turns out, there's an In-N-Out Burger on Park Avenue South and 23rd Street. It's just in disguise, as "Fresh & Fast."


    Do you need us to prove it? WE CAN PROVE IT.

    The Name

    In And Out? As in, you're in and you're out and it's fast?

    Fresh And Fast? As in, it's fresh and it's fast?

    The Logo

    Inverse logos in the same color schemes??

    The Menu

    It's the SAME MENU! Down to the font, the logo in the middle, and the three flavors of milkshake!

    The Inside Of The Store

    Red and white tile?

    The Uniforms

    White polo shirts with cheesy hats?

    The Burgers

    Simple American Burger on a potato bun.

    The Religious Proverbs On The Cups:

    Missing from Fresh-N-Fast. But come on. It's New York!

    Verdict: These two chains are eerily similar, and Fresh-N-Fast is cheaper and faster than Shake Shack.

    The owner of the mysterious chain (their website is "in progress"...) told GrubStreet:

    "In terms of the quality and consistence of the product, I would compare us to an In-N-Out."

    Next time you're feeling homesick for California, perhaps you can go to Fresh-N-Fast and just...pretend?

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