We know restaurants in the city open and close sooner than we can manage to snag a table, but what happens when all our favorite spots close at once? I mean let's face it, what's left when you take away the heart of the city: restaurants? What would Friends be without Central Perk? Seinfeld without Toms Diner? What would Carrie do if she was forced to stop ordering takeout and actually use her oven for cooking?! Living in a city that has centered around restaurants (and nightlife spots) for as long as anyone can remember, New Yorkers face particular hardship and heartache watching their neighborhood staples and corner joints disappear at the hands of coronavirus. 

So as you click through this short list of some of the many iconic eateries that have been forced to close their doors - if you can bear it - just think, on the bright side, at least you can justify mourning the loss by eating as much takeout as possible to support your favorite local restaurants still fighting for survival! 

[Photo via Augustine]