And you thought you were born too late to rub elbows with New York's glamorous literati? Sure, in reality perhaps, but certainly not in spirit. The legendary West Village watering hole, Chumley's, known to be a favorite of the likes of F. Scott, Zelda, Ernest, and their ilk, has reopened with some shiny new interiors but the same old atmosphere of excitement that kept it buzzing throughout the 1920s and beyond. Chumley's originally debuted in 1922 as a key speakeasy and creative haven - write drunk, edit sober right? With its revival (after a chimney collapse back in 2007) by Sushi Nakazawa's Alessandro Borgognone, comes a fresh menu intertwining tradition and modernity, as well as a curated bar selection focusing on scotch and whisky - something Hemingway himself would no doubt be proud of. 

Portraits of OG patrons line the walls, along with an enviable collection of book jackets any would-be writer could appreciate today. Like its predecessor, the space will be without exterior signage, giving new visitors a chance to feel their way back into the old world of 86 Bedford. Just make sure you don't get 86'd yourself. After all, that too is a Chumley's tradition.

[Photo via @perriehartz]