No. Well kind of, but no.

Both are pretty impossible to get a respectable reservation at (honestly, if I considered 9:30PM a viable time for dinner, I'd live in Europe). Both have a long list of fashionable diners. Both have adorably chic little salt and pepper shakers. Both have a diet-ditching burger and solid shrimp cocktail. And that's where I'm going to call it, for what Polo Bar lacks in intimacy and charm and service (in my experience, you couldn't pay a waiter to pay attention to you), American Bar boasts in spades.

The latest jewel in Kyle Hotchkiss Carone's growing crown of Greenwich Village hot spots feels like the perfect Hamptons restaurant that's somehow magically been transplanted downtown. The painted floor, the Italian bamboo chairs, the ivy crawling curtains. And though the chances of just walking in and grabbing a table are slim, from the lounge to the bar to the winged dining rooms, there's no sniff of pretension to be had.

The menu spans all corners of a metropolitan diet - from pigs in a blanket to housemade potato chips and caviar. And while we'd definitely recommend they up their bread basket game (your calories can be better spent), their dishes are annoyingly delicious. Click through for a sampling of some of our favorites!

[Photos courtesy American Bar]