Is This The Best Vegan Spot In All Of NYC?

by Guest of A Guest · July 28, 2021

    Chef Chloe Coscarelli certainly thinks so.

    The founder and namesake of the first of its kind vegan fast food chain By Chloe (you know, before all of that crazy shit happened and she was pushed out) just took to Instagram with a hot tip for her fellow vegan foodies.

    Soho spot Fat Choy is officially the superstar chef's favorite new spot in the city. Available for takeout, delivery or outdoor dining, Fat Choy best describes its culinary concept as "kind of Chinese, also vegan.""... stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd">
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    From their Mushroom Sloppy (mushroom ragu sandwiched between two sesame pancakes and topped with Chinese slaw) and Rice Rolls (with charred scallion, black vinegar and a daily changing green veggie) to their Salt + Pepper Cauliflower (a fried favorite spiced up with garlic, jalapeno, creamy shallot sauce), this place is so not about bland and boring vegetables!

    [Photos via @fatchoynyc]