La Esquina has shitty pipes…

by guestofaguest · August 24, 2007

    ...and it's ruining our Friday night.

    la esquina

    We are sad to be the bearers of this news but the main water pipe apparently burst last night at one of our favorite joints, La Esquina on Kenmore St.  At first we thought that they had just overbooked and were about ready to call their bluff on the matter, until we double-checked with our insider there who assures us their pipes are a leakin'.  This means they are closed all weekend, possibly longer.  We have some mates fresh off the plane from Sydney that we were pretty excited about taking there tonight and now we're at a loss.  Our go-to place is closed and we need to make sure these guys know that Manhattan is hip.  Please email us some suggestions.  Bonus for exclusive basements, secret entrances, or outdoor hideaways.  Yeah we like shit like that and we're not too cool to admit to it.