What Would Happen If Cips Lost It’s Liquor License…

by guestofaguest · August 14, 2007

    cips upstairs

    A couple of weeks ago, famed father and son duo Arrigo and Giuseppe Cipriani admitted to filing false tax returns in New York in '03 and '04. They agreed to pay a $10 million dollar fine and face up to 5 months probation. The storm was thought to be over, but now there is chatter that they may not be out of the woods yet. Cipriani's may lose it's liquor license! Forget the fact that the city's rich and famous will have no place to hold their wedding and bar mitzvah bashes (they own Rainbow Room too remember), where in the WORLD are all the hipster kids and modelzillas going to go to wean off of their weekend highs on Sunday evenings?



    Seriously wtf? Cipriani's cannot lose it's liquor license mainly because we don't want these kids running loose around the city on Sunday evenings, it's just too dangerous. So if the high rolling patrons of the 42nd st location ("the Billionaire Boy's Club") including Ron Perelman, Edgar Bronfman and Rudy Giuliani won't use their powers to save Cipriani's for themselves, please, we beg you, just do it for the kids.

    [all photos taken upstairs at Cipriani's downtown location on a Sunday evening]