Angie Mar's Beatrice Follow-Up, Les Trois Chevaux, Opens This Week!

by Stephanie Maida · July 7, 2021

    If there's anything Angie Mar can be counted on to deliver (besides, of course, her carnivorous cuisine), it's elegance with a little bit of edge - and we're not just talking butcher knives. 

    Needless to say, the chef and restaurateur doesn't disappoint when it comes to Les Trois Chevaux, Mar's hotly anticipated second act following her tenure at the now-shuttered Beatrice Inn - formerly located just next door.

    A nod to the French fine dining destinations of New York's past, the chic new eatery brings some old school sensibilities back into fashion. And we mean that in the most literal sense. In an effort to uphold the "style and finesse" of "New York swagger," dinner jackets are required in the main dining room and bar, and if you don't have one handy, well, they've got some vintage YSL blazers to borrow. Even the staff uniforms are designer, custom created by Christian Siriano. 

    As for the interiors? You can expect white tablecloths, blue velvet banquettes, gilded accents, and a crystal chandelier that once hung in the Waldorf Astoria. Oh, and weekly flower arrangements delivered by the Met Gala's event designer. So basically, glamour galore.

    While the French-influenced menu is a noticeable departure from the red meat reputation Mar cultivated at the Beatrice, Les Trois Chevaux's frog legs, pheasant, and "truffles and caviar" are sure to satisfy. As are the decadent cocktails, which, like the name of the restaurant itself, all seem to come with a backstory (Les Trois Chevaux means "the three horses," a nickname given to Mar and her brothers growing up).

    Les Trois Chevaux is now taking reservations for the month of July and officially opens this Thursday!

    [Photos by William Hereford via Les Trois Chevaux]