Marc Forgione, The Coolest & Kindest Chef In NYC

by Christie Grimm · November 9, 2017

    Marc Forgione doesn't "care about being the guinea pig." Something you may not expect of an accomplished, feted, Iron Chef winning, Michelin star toting chef.

    For the next six months, Eataly's bustling butcher shop slash beef-centric restaurant Manzo will be hosting local culinary heavy hitters to bring their signature stamp to the menu. From Daniel Boulud to Michael White, each chef will serve up a dish of their own, with a portion of that order's proceeds donated to a charity of their choice.

    Kicking off the series, Marc Forgione's limited edition meal is one that can't be missed -  a prime rib carpaccio, with local squash and wild edible greens - which will benefit City Harvest.

    "Chefs hate wasting anything, and that's what City Harvest is all about. I actually order extra turkeys on Thanksgiving on purpose so we can donate them."

    A mohawk AND a heart of gold. Who would have thought?

    [Photo via Getty, @stuffbeneats]