In accordance with the Keith McNally prophecy, New York's Old Guard King has returned to assume its rightful place at the top of the city's Sceney Bistro Hierarchy. Pastis re-opened well over a month ago, but it'll be many more months still until you can nab a respectable reservation at the spot which has people romanticizing the days when the Meatpacking District was more than just a Soho House and Restoration Hardware.

In our experience, come for the scene, realize the scene's pretty loud and maybe a bit much, and stay for the food. Honestly, this place might be even more enjoyable in the normally-unconsiderable deadzone meal times that are pre-7PM. Less chitter chatter, more chewing! Not convinced? Click through for our top five have-to-order, worth-the-calories-and-ridiculous-table-wait-time dishes!

[Photo via @foodiemagician]