ClaudetteFor a couldn’t-be-sweeter-even-if-it-were-covered-in-Splenda scene, an outdoor table at Claudette is the dream. Just a sneeze north of Washington Square Park - an ideal locale for that après-brunch stroll – their tables are drawn in linens of the loveliest blue and white ticking persuasion (extra points for matching your outfit), punctuated with a blushed bouquet of roses, and, let us not forget their menu, with the perfect balance of light summer offerings and rich, decadent fare. Share the Provencal Chicken, tossed with carrots, pistachio and orange vinaigrette, cut the Lamb Burger in half, or pick at the French Legion spread, boasting everything French and delicious, from jambon and camembert to baguettes and home made jam. And for the sweeter palette, trade in the usual granola yogurt order for Claudette’s Honey Pot. Covered with baked phyllo – it’s got that Lady and the Tramp thing going for it, just French, and sticky. Claudette, 24 Fifth Avenue [Photo via @claartjerose]
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