NYC's Secret French Restaurant Hidden Behind A Painting In An Art Gallery

by Stephanie Maida · August 26, 2019

    Looking to add a bit of adventure to your next date night? Nothing beats a scavenger hunt, especially when the prize is a five-course French meal. 

    The brainchild of Brazilian-born, French-taught chef Franco Sampogna and co-owner Bernardo Silva, Frevo is a dim, intimate eatery where most of the 24 seats line a quartzite chef's counter in full view of all the culinary action. That concept alone is enticing for plenty of New York foodies, but there's an extra layer of exclusivity that makes it a must: the swanky space is hidden behind a door-sized painting in what seems like your typical Greenwich Village art gallery. 

    And while the colorful, contemporary pieces (which were made on location by French artist Toma-L) are enough to draw you in, the thrill of disappearing, Narnia-style, behind one is of course the fun part. As is the proceeding meal. Sampogna takes a more modern approach to the tasting menu, serving up seasonal French fare in five accessible courses (rather than the typically endless parade of bite-sized portions), with the option of a wine pairing. 

    The only thing harder than finding Frevo, though, is actually managing to snag a seat. Make your reservations HERE!

    [Photos via Frevo]