"Organic Brainstorming" With GustOrganics' Alberto Gonzalez

by JESSE O'NEILL · March 11, 2009

    Alberto Gonzalez has been a pioneer for sustainability and organic cooking here in New York, and now is sharing his mission with the community. On Tuesdays he will host a dinner at his restaurant Gustorganics where initiatives, ideas and networking will take place in an intimate yet open forum.

    To credit his commitment to the community, diners will have the chance to pay on the “honor” system, or whatever they feel is fair (or can afford in most cases).  So whether or not you know the meaning of sustainability, you can take advantage of the most tasteful recession deal in town.

    It is no wonder that Gonzalez and Gustorganics are candidates for Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year for 2009. Stay tuned for their “Earth Hour” special at the end of March.

    "Come join our dinner discussions about organics and sustainable development hosted by GustOrganics founder and CEO Alberto.  Each Tuesday, we will be talkign about how we can work as a community towards a better future."

    Tuesdays from 6pm to 7:30pm

    Everyone welcome! RSVP 212-242-5800

    "Changing the world, one meal at a time"