Pastis Is Now Open For Delivery!

by Christie Grimm · May 19, 2020

    It was sad enough the first time that Pastis closed, but the nerve of Coronavirus to then come along and force it to close (temporarily) for a SECOND time. And just when we'd really let our guards down and re-opened our hearts to their delightful, buttery menu! Very rude indeed. 

    Following the news that Keith McNally's other legendary watering hole Lucky Strike would be closing after being open for 30 years of service due to the pandemic, we must admit, we were getting pretty worried. But alas, the sceney Meatpacking spot is back... for takeout! 

    Place your order for pick up or delivery (via Caviar or DoorDash) Tuesday through Sunday, 12:30PM-8:30PM. 

    How many Shrimp Cocktails and Steak Sandwiches per week is too many do you think? 

    Asking for a friend...

    [Photos via @pastisnyc]